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Frequently Asked Questions

We prioritise user data security. All data processed is encrypted, and we adhere to strict privacy guidelines to ensure your content remains confidential.
No, we don't store or retain your content after it's generated. Once you close the session, your content is removed from our servers.
Our AI is designed to provide neutral and fact-based content. However, it's essential to review and adjust AI-generated content, especially on sensitive topics, to ensure it aligns with your intended message and audience.
Depending on your subscription plan, there might be daily limits. Always check the terms of your chosen package for specifics.
Today AI Media Stack is available in English only. We plan to add more languages as we grow.
It's essential to run AI-generated content through plagiarism checks and ensure originality. While our AI aims for unique content, always verify before publishing.
We continuously work on improving the AI, with regular updates to enhance its capabilities and address user feedback.
Our tool emphasises the prompt system, with over 400 hours in prompt engineering. Tested by 20+ content teams, it's recognised for its precision and quality, making it a market leader.
Yes! We prioritise user flexibility. You can cancel anytime, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
Absolutely! Start with our free trial, test the features, and upgrade if you're satisfied.